At American Top Team, we feel it is necessary to take the opportunity to provide a safe, nurturing environment for children to exercise, learn martial arts, and form long-lasting friendships. We have an even greater responsibility to lead them in a positive direction so that they can become respectful and responsible citizens of our community.

At American Top Team, we take pride in doing the best we can to instill in your child the seven principles of a Black Belt.

  1. Self Control : The ability to control emotion when faced with a variety of challenges.
  2. Discipline : The willingness to obey and respect authority.
  3. Modesty : Moderating your own actions to avoid attracting attention to yourself. Discouraging boastful behavior when successfully accomplishing goals.
  4. Courtesy : Promoting courteous behavior and reinforcing polite behavior.
  5. Integrity : The belief that each child must have a sense of honesty and truthfulness. Every person should have a sense of responsibility for their actions.
  6. Perseverance : Each child should maintain steady persistence in their course of action when accomplishing goals. In spite of difficulty, obstacles or discouragement, they continue trying their best.
  7. Indomitable Spirit : Reinforce in each child the sense that they can never be conquered or overcome by negative or counterproductive influences.

We know that every CHILD IS A CHAMPION….we are deeply committed to give each and every one of our kids the 100% attention and instruction they deserve so that they can be CHAMPIONS IN LIFE on and off the mat.