Why enroll my child at ATT?

At American Top Team (“ATT”), we are serious about your child’s success. It’s about building your child’s self-esteem while they learn crucial life skills like confidence, team work, respect, and self-discipline!

The “ATT” Kids programs will help develop your child’s self-confidence and build their self-esteem to deal with these types of problems that arise in today’s world. They will also give them the life skills necessary to deal with and resolve conflicts in a non-violent way.

*Every seven minutes a person is bullied.* And it’s not just face-to-face, physical encounters. With the Internet and mobile devices easily at hand, cyber bullying and sexting are common too.

Your child will build dynamic martial arts skills, while gaining courage and confidence.  They will also learn how to think smarter and harder with children their same age. It’s the best formula for success!

The instructors are committed, to give your child the very best instruction and attention they deserve to be winners on and off the mat!

What is the Best Martial Art for my Child?

Let us help you decide without having to decide. The ATT programs curriculum blends Karate/Tae Kwon Do (High Discipline Art) with Western Boxing (awesome hand skills), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (ground fighting defense), Judo and Wrestling (The best at takedowns and takedown defense), and Muay Thai (Authentic Kickboxing/Conditioning), to broaden the student’s all around skill. To add depth to the child enrichment process, Master Liborio has worked and studied with experts in the field of bully proofing, self-esteem, youth conditioning, and academic improvement for today’s youth.

“I don’t know of anywhere that offers this level of instruction to children.”
– Testimonial from Parents Luis and Blanca Alvarez

WE CAN HELP! Our award-winning kids programs will give your child the SELF-CONFIDENCE they need to excel socially and scholastically. By teaching life-skills such as listening and following directions, your child will quickly develop a “Yes I Can” attitude!

ATT has one of the most well rounded curriculum’s available for kids. We invite you to take a free tour with your child, and see what everyone is talking about!

Join TODAY to learn how Martial Arts can enrich your child’s life.

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* National Education Association (NEA)